What to expect

With our virtual waiting room, you and your pet can wait in the comfort of home until your exam room is ready. To help make your experience with us more pleasant, we have outlined our process so you know what to expect:

Our virtual waiting room opens and closes a half-hour ahead of our clinic hours of operation. When you join our virtual waitlist, you will fill out a quick intake form and then see your place in line. You and your pet can wait more comfortably at home until it’s nearly your turn to be seen. You will receive a text message notifying you that you’re next in line—we kindly ask that you be in the parking lot within the 15 minute arrival window to ensure you keep your place in line.
Read our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Once you arrive at Ally, you’ll be greeted by a friendly team member at our reception desk. If you have already reserved a spot on our waitlist, they’ll give you instructions on your next step. If you have not reserved a waitlist spot, our team will check you in, and you’ll be notified via text message when your exam room is ready. Walk-in patients will be triaged and will enter the waitlist alongside virtual waiting room patients based on the severity of symptoms present.

Once you’ve received a text message notification that your exam room is ready, an Ally nurse will escort you to your room and gather more details about your pet, to include their weight, symptoms, recent history, and vitals. After the vitals have been checked and recorded, the nurse will share your pet’s information with the doctor. As soon as the doctor is available, they will perform a physical examination on your pet and discuss their findings and further diagnostic recommendations with you.

After you have reviewed and approved the diagnostic/treatment plan, the nurse will take your pet to our treatment room for diagnostics and treatments. Your doctor will check back in with you and your pet to share findings and make any additional diagnostic or treatment recommendations. The nurse will collect any additional samples and/or prepare take-home medications for your pet.

The nurse will review any medications and discharge instructions with you for your pet. You will then proceed to the checkout desk in our waiting area. The team at Ally is here to help make your visit smooth, easy, and stress-free. We will send your medical records to your primary veterinarian for follow up, and should further issues arise, we will be here for you!


Hours of operation:
Mon through Fri 5pm – 10pm
Sat and Sun 10am – 10pm

Call/text 757-900-ALLY (2559)